What about the autonomy of Indian Universities???……A silly hope, i say!!

The latest blunder from the HRD ministry was to deny Vishwanathan Anand an honorary doctoral degree. The objection was–Viswanathan Anand is not an Indian. Now, this seems to be quite odd, as Vishy is more Indian than those people who doubt his Indianness!!!!!

Certainly the government babus are known for creating bureacratic wrangles, but the question which i would like to point out not this but the fact that when the Vice-Chancellor and the academic board of a distinguished university has selected a person of international renown to be conferrred an honorary doctoral degree, what right do the government babus, HRD ministry has to overrrule them. Are they more competent than the whole University Academic Board??

The moment one asks this question, another springs up — What about the autonomy of Indian Universities??? The recent strike by some profs from IIT’s was an indicator that the so-called beacon of Indian education–The IIT, when even they cant decide their smallest internal problems without the HRD ministry saying so, how can the other Universities hope to do so?? Right from hare-brained ideas of Kapil Sibal of hiring Contractual Profs to reservation of 40 percent cap on promotion to professors, it shows rather appallingly how the Indian education system is still bound by the chains of bureaucracy.

And to top it all, Kapil Sibal hopes that in this increasingly dissapointing education-research system of India, we will get Nobels!!! Call it a silly hope or a fool’s dream……


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