Boycott The Commonwealth Games!!!!

Its unnecessary to say how shoddily CWG preparation is going on OR how much corruption has seeped into it… As over a month now every major newspaper or TV has brought into light all the nefarious deals, but what is important right now is to say NO.

The first NO should be said to the “JUGAAD” attitude of us, which has led to many problems. The acceptance of a shoddy work over a well thought, planned exercise is becoming a ritual for us Indians. Swapan Dasgupta rightly brought out this matter recently in a newspaper article-(

“The Indian optimists(read  politicians…) will have a different take on CWG. They will agree that the authorities entrusted to do the job have underperformed, but a nagging faith would be left that at the end of the day, Indian jugaad will salvage national honour”

The second NO should be to the hushing up of the financial deals of CWG, as the current government intends to do. The rational behind Sonia Gandhi’s statement that any investigation should be done after the conclusion of the games bears no logic at all. Why on earth should not Indian people wait for the government’s Jugaad and not want the details of the 28000 crore fiasco??

The third NO should be by the so called sponsors themselves. Quite a few industry bigwigs have lent their company’s names for the CWG. Instead of releasing nation-wide pamphlets about how we should try to hush the corruption matters and look about to instill FAKE Indian honour (read…Sahara Pariwar’s nation-wide notices in major newspapers about this), they should try to withdraw their support from CWG.

Chetan Bhagat rightly points out (–” The indian culture is such that we are ready to cover up injustice on account of fake sense of honour that needs to show everything is in order”.

I stand by him in urging the Indian public—-“Please dont cheer the 2010 loot-fest”.


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