Hello world!

This is the first serious attempt to create a blog of my own. I have read many blogs on different subjects ranging from pot-pourri of bloggers’ musings to strictly subject specific in the past few months. And, i must say that i have been quite impressed by the range of blogs/comments in all of them. They represent one unique thing which the web-o-sphere has granted us–independence to air our own thoughts, a platform to share!!!

I write in the name of a common man. For till now the only space which he/she got to express his own views, frustrations was either the editor column of a newspaper or the sanctity of one’s own home. As hardly anyone in the great Indian bureaucracy ever listens to the common man! Ironically enough it’s that same common man who sits in the official chair in some other office on another day and ignores other people….other common people like him/her….

Hence, I intend to express my musings through this  blog.


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