Banku Babu…

Banku Babu is a rather unheard character among all of Satyajit Ray’s creations. In 1960’s he wrote a short story titled Bankubabur bandhu in Sandesh which later on became a script for a movie titled The Alien. He was called upon by Alan Wilson in Hollywood (through a common friend, Arthur C. Clarke) to help start the movie to be starred by Marlon Brando and Peter Sellers. But the project derailed prematurely and he returned back to Calcutta disillusioned. However, when Steven Spielberg produced the movie Alien, it was clear to many people including Clarke & Ray that the story was lifted straight through the original script of Ray… But Spielberg till date has denied all the allegations…

But Ray was quite disillusioned due to this, and this was the prime reason he never went back. Banku babu, in a way represents his frustration. Frustration with people who jack-lifted his story, refused him credit and left him disillusioned. So, the title Banku Babu represents the frustrations, musings of a common man in a crazy world like ours–for Ray then was indeed a common man in Hollywood!!!


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